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Express your interest to take part in evaluating the applicants of the REMEDIES Open Calls for associate regions

DEADLINE: 4th of October (17.00 pm CEST)

REMEDIES offers support

to local and/or regional authorities (public sector) from associated regions in the Mediterranean area (third parties) acting towards plastic remediation and protection. The support is granted through two open calls for associate regions that will grant €500.000.00 in total.

REMEDIES is opening an expression of interest for external evaluators in the context of its first open call for associate regions “Collection & valorisation”. This expression of interest will run from September 19th until October 4th, 17:00 CET (Brussels time)

REMEDIES aims to set up a pool of evaluators to support the review process of the proposals received from its open calls for associate regions.

What we are looking for

The pool of evaluators for REMEDIES Open Call for associate regions (OC) will be composed of recognized experts in the REMEDIES domain, preferably with experience in evaluation of open calls for associate regions, for third parties financing in HE calls

Process of selection

of external evaluators:

  • In total 3 external evaluators will be selected by the REMEDIES project and 2 external experts will be on the waiting list, in case more evaluators will be needed.
  • The external evaluators will be selected through an open process to ensure transparent and consistent evaluation of the REMEDIES OC1 applications.
  • Each expert will be evaluated according to its CV, and alignment with the project and call, its experience on open calls for associate regions evaluation, as well as its expressed interest and motivation to be part of this call.

Important timeline

dates for External evaluators to consider:

Selected external experts receive a contract that shall be signed in 10 working days. (Deadline: November 9 2023, 17.00 PM CEST)

Webinar for external evaluators and reception applications to be evaluated

Remote evaluation period for 10 consecutive days. (Deadline: 4th of December 2023, 17.00 CET)

Consensus meeting for external evaluators

Please note that to proceed with the application you need to have to own or create a F6S account

We are looking for external evaluators in the REMEDIES domain.
The profiles of these experts should ideally encompass any of the following areas of expertise, but not exhaustively:

  • Environmental Scientists/Engineers
  • Waste Management Specialists
  • Marine Biologists/Oceanographers
  • Chemists/Material Scientists
  • Policy and Regulatory Specialists
  • Community Engagement and Social Impact Experts
  • Economists/Financial Analysts
  • Industry Experts
  • Academic Researchers
  • International Development Specialists

Having a multidisciplinary panel of experts ensures a well-rounded evaluation process that considers various aspects of plastic pollution and its mitigation.

– The evaluators will be paid €400 per day with up to 6-8 proposals being reviewed per day.

– Become REMEDIES ambassador and part of a network of exceptional professionals operating in different fields related to the plastic litter pollution collection, valorisation, and prevention.

– Get to know the most innovative solutions in the REMEDIES domain.

– Play an essential role in the selection of the most promising innovative projects in the REMEDIES domain and build additional connections with experts and professionals from these fields.

For more details on the REMEDIES “Collection & valorisation” Open Call for associate regions, please check the information on our dedicated REMEDIES Open Call for associate regions sub-page and the REMEDIES Guide for Applicants.


The single entrance point for application reception is through F6S link, no other mean will be considered for evaluation

  • Please note that this expression of interest in participating in the REMEDIES Open Call for associate regions as an external evaluator is NOT binding and does NOT constitute any commitment to the REMEDIES project. 
  • The selection of the experts to support REMEDIES in the evaluation of the Open Call for associate regions will be taken at a later stage since it depends on the number of received proposals, their origin, the domain that they target as well as the origin of the potential evaluators, their affiliations, their expertise and the balance between various criteria (e.g. gender, background, affiliation type, age, expertise etc.). Furthermore, we are obliged to frequently change experts that support the evaluations of proposals.