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REMEDIES, as part of the topic HORIZON-MISS-2021-OCEAN-03-01

Under the “Mission: Restore our Ocean, seas and waters by 2030”, follows the impact-oriented approach established by the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan.

Thus, it has been designed so different results deliver the highest impact possible in the Destination’s expected impacts and the topic’s expected outcomes. This is done considering that REMEDIES will be part of a wider project portfolio under the “Missions” call that will team up to contribute to the major challenges our oceans face.

In overall, through our activities and the planned uptake of solutions we can create a massive impact already on our demo sites by supporting the monitoring and understanding of plastic pathways in the Mediterranean sea, the massive collection of plastic litter, creating business opportunities and in the end preventing conventional plastics that could potentially become plastic litter.

This will of course also have an impact on the European economy per se, directly through businesses and their value chains and indirectly through producing and recovering value through local and intraEuropean supplies. The former externalised cost factors can now be internalised again, which also makes our society more resilient to outside influences like pandemics or wars.

This Mission supports many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): in particular

Expected Outcomes

  • Reduced pollution from litter, plastic and microplastic, in the Mediterranean Sea basin in line with the objectives of the EU Zero Pollution Plan and the Convention for the protection of the Mediterranean sea against pollution
  • Reduce beach litter to less than 20 items per 100 metres of coastline in line with the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) requirement
  • Accelerated uptake of innovative solutions to prevent and minimise litter, plastic and microplastic pollution
  • Effective monitoring of marine litter quantities, in line with EU methodologies, such as Single Use Plastics Directive and assessment of the impact of implemented measures
  • Support WFD and MSFD implementation, which provide indicators and mechanism for assessments and measures to achieve Good Environmental Status (GES)
  • Empowered citizens taking action against pollution