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Open Call 2 for local and/or regional authorities in associate regions

Are you a visionary local and/or regional authority ready to lead the prevention and zero-waste of plastic pollution in oceans and rivers?
An OC2 grant of 300.000.00 euros* in REMEDIES project is available to implement your vision!
*With up to 100.000.00 per Associated Region

To apply, please follow these 4 steps:

  1. Read the Guide for Applicants 
  2. Create an F6S account
  3. Download and fill in the Technical document with your project proposal
  4. Submit your application through F6S platform (upload the Technical document)

Find out more about the REMEDIES Open Call 2 for associate regions requirements and to get familiar with the application process, by taking part in the two Info Webinars that will take place online:

  • OC2 Webinar I for Prevention and Zero-waste grant opportunity: 10 April, 2024
  • OC2 Webinar II for Prevention and Zero-waste grant opportunity: 28 May, 2024

Following the Q&A Sessions during the webinars, the FAQ found below will be updated based on the questions received.

REMEDIES is an Horizon Europe innovation Program creating innovative solutions and technologies to monitor, collect, prevent and valorise (micro)plastic from our oceans. Our approach is rooted in science, circularity, and community engagement aiming to protect water ecosystems, reduce pollution and develop a climate-neutral blue economy. 

In the next 3 years, 23 Partners from 12 countries will showcase 12 breakthrough innovations from validation and demonstration, to system prototyping in operational environments. The innovative solutions will be tested in 9 demonstration sites in 8 Mediterranean countries. 33 new sites will follow in order to scale them across the whole Mediterranean.

In line with this mission, REMEDIES is launching two open calls for associate regions to provide financial support and innovation services to stakeholders working towards plastic remediation and protection in the Mediterranean. Open Call 1 runned in 2023 and Open Call 2 is taking place in 2024.

We invite projects that aim to tackle prevention measures and zero-waste for a plastic free future and promote the implementation of action towards plastic remediation and protection through innovation services in the Mediterranean, namely at a technical, finance, business and governance level. Our goal with this Call is to contribute to creating a trend on the prevention of plastic through the exploitation of traditional and modern channels and through citizens science and participatory co-creation processes building a more plastic-conscious society.

REMEDIES offers a grant of €300.000.00 in total and will contribute up to €100.000 per applicant. The awarded local or regional  authorities will receive technical assistance, including advisory services, to implement aquatic ecosystem restoration solutions and contribute to the objectives of the REMEDIES project.

To be considered for the evaluation process for the REMEDIES Open Call 2 for associate regions, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Alignment: The project/application must align with the objectives of the REMEDIES project and the Open Call 2 for associate regions.
  • Sector: Only public organizations that are local and/or regional authorities in associated regions, are eligible to apply.
  • Location: Applicants must be from Member States and/or Participating Countries in the Mediterranean region, excluding countries where the REMEDIES partners are located, namely: Slovenia, Greece, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Belgium, France, Albania, Serbia, Ireland, Morocco, and Italy. OC 2 also excludes applicants from the NUTS regions where the OC1 winners are located. Please check the Guide for Applicants for the complete information.
  • Language: All application documents must be filled and submitted in English.
  • Compliance: The project must comply with EU sanctions and measures.
  • Budget: The proposed activities should adhere to the defined maximum budget. Applicants cannot receive double funding for the same project proposal (other OCs or other EC or national/regional financing) 

For complete information on this point and other important information on the Open Call for associate regions please consult the Guide for Applicants.

Benefits of being selected and participating in the REMEDIES OC2

1) Financial support up to 100,000 euro per applicant

2) Access to tools and resources

3) Tutorials, mentors and webinars

4) Mentorship, experts and key ecosystem stakeholders

5) Access to use-cases to pilot their solutions

6) Enter a wide European network of 12 countries and 23 partners

7) Visibility and credibility by association to an Horizon Europe project – as a winner of an Open Call for associate regions

Applications opening: March 28, 2024 (12:00 PM CET)

Applications deadline: June 05, 2024 (17:00 PM CET)

The Open Call 2 for associate regions is open for submission from March 28, 2024 (12:00 PM CET). All applications must be submitted through the F6S platform link, as the single-entry point for applications.

Successful local and/or regional authority selected in the Open Call 2 will receive various types of support, including:

Implementation Support:

  • Access to tools and resources.
  • Tutorials, mentors, and webinars.
  • Networking and connections with key ecosystem stakeholders.
  • Access to use-cases for piloting their solutions.

Financial Support:

The Open Call 2 for associate regions offers a maximum funding of up to €100,000 per applicant. 

The financial support will be provided in two stages, in the beginning of the project (70%) and at the end of the implementation (30%), upon a submission of a report of implemented actions, within the 8 months duration of the OC2 project timeline for implementation.

Please access here the template of the Sub-grantee to have more information here

The REMEDIES project’s Open Call 2 for associate regions, dedicated to finance local and/or regional authorities, presents a valuable opportunity for stakeholders in the Mediterranean region to receive financial support and innovation services for projects focused on plastic remediation and protection, with specific focus on Open Call 2 for associate regions in prevention and zero-waste actions in the Mediterranean. By actively participating in this Open Call for associate regions, applicants can contribute to building a more plastic-conscious society and creating a sustainable future for our oceans. 

For specific questions please contact REMEDIES Open Call 2 official channels: Please have the Guide for Applicants as the primary go to document on the OC2.

The grant each associated region can apply for is up to €100.000.

For a better understanding of the goal of this call, we provide a list of examples of activities that qualify for financial support under the REMEDIES OC2, in 3 specific areas:

1.Avoid Use of Single-Use Plastics

  • Promote refillable and reusable options – eg. water fountains for citizens/tourists to reduce plastic water bottle consumption or refill stations / dispensers for edible or non-edible household products together with the involvement of backend / logistics
  • Ban (as a municipality) the use of all single-use plastics (alternatives are listed below in the reuse section)
  • Establish zero-waste packaging innovations with local entrepreneurs incl. for example through mycelia growth or other biomass conversion options
  • Raise awareness – launch educational campaigns to inform residents about the benefits of avoiding plastic waste and the effect their choices have. Organise workshops educating on available solutions and the power of the consumer
  • Offer incentives and recognition – create awards for businesses, or neighbourhoods that demonstrate successful plastic replacement
  • Explore alternative packaging materials – e.g. permit only the use of compostable, biodegradable solutions when it comes to single-use.

2.Reuse & Repurpose

  • Establish “Repair Cafes” and skillshare workshops – create supervised community spaces, where residents can bring their broken household items for repair, or repurpose instead of throwing them away
  • Establish creative upcycling projects repurposing plastic and other materials – e.g. for art, educational toys and learning tools, furniture and other building materials
  • As a municipality / community support and ease the refurbishment of items and second-hand markets
  • Establish a shared tool/electric household devices “library” – registered partners bring their unused, or scarcely used devices, share them with others and consequently use those of other registered users of the “library”
  • Create “creative reuse” centres – establish spaces where artists and crafters can access donated plastic materials for their projects and create public art installations
  • Develop refill and reuse systems – encourage businesses to implement closed-loop systems for packaging, allowing customers to use their own, or return containers for reuse
  • Implement reuse and deposit-refund schemes as a municipality
  • Develop washing systems for reusable packaging systems, including treatment and reuse of the washing water
  • Implement reuse solutions available for municipalities – e.g. water bottle refill stations / standardised reusable cup or bottle system, reuse packaging systems, etc.
  • Support municipal bio-waste collection and composting, with proper selection and planned reuse to avoid landfilling
  • Develop social enterprises focused on reuse – collaborate with NGOs or social enterprises to create circularity hubs, where materials are collected, repaired/refurbished/repurposed and then sold, thus having a social impact. 
  1. Education & Community Engagement
  • Interactive educational programs – organise workshops, demonstrations, and contests that encourage residents to learn about plastic pollution, its impact and most importantly the available plastic avoidance or alternative solutions
  • School and youth programs – integrate plastic reduction education into school curriculums and organise engaging activities for children and young adults
  • Test new ways of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes involving the producer directly in the end-of-life options
  • Co-develop innovative circular business models, where packaging or other conventionally plastics-including products are sold as a service.

These are just a few examples of actions that can be undertaken within the “Prevention” framework. The specific actions chosen will depend on the project’s overall goal, available resources, the local context, and the type of applicant. 

Opening date: Thursday, March 28, 2024

Deadline model: Single-stage

Deadline: Wednesday, June 05, 2024

4 steps for OC2 application

1) Read and check if you comply with all rules and eligibility points on the Guide for Applicants

2) Build an F6S profile:

3) Download the Technical document

4) Fill in your application and upload the complete Technical document in the F6S platform.

The REMEDIES OC2 for associate regions will have the following indicative timeline:

Launch of the OC2 for Associate Regions

OC2 for associate regions first public webinar

OC2 for associate regions second public webinar

OC2 deadline for applications

Eligibility check

Send out Evaluation Summary Report (ESR) for all non eligible applicants

Send out the ESR to all eligible applicants

Remote evaluation by external experts

Internal consensus



In order to process and evaluate applications, REMEDIES will need to collect Personal and Industrial Data. F6S Network Ireland Limited, as the Open Call Manager of the project, will act as Data Controller for data submitted through the F6S platform for these purposes. A Data Protection Officer (DPO) has been appointed by F6S generally, to ensure compliance with data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and that personal data is collected, processed, and stored in a secure manner. Apart from the F6S platform, data will also be stored in the F6S Google Drive and in the project repository on Google Drive, managed by the project coordinator National Institute of Chemistry from Slovenia.

The F6S platform’s system design and operational procedures ensure that data is managed in compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). Each applicant will accept the F6S terms to ensure compliance. Please note that REMEDIES requests the minimum information needed to deliver the evaluation procedures or the support programme and will retain all information for 5 years after the project (REMEDIES) ends, as referred in section 4.2 “Responsibility of beneficiaries”.

 For any more details on this regard please check the Guide for Applicants, [LM1] section 6 on data protection.