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Open Call 1 for associate regions: Boosting the deployment of plastic litter collection and valorization schemes in the Mediterranean

Are you a visionary public institution ready to lead the charge in tackling plastic pollution? Apply for up to 100,000 euro in REMEDIES grant!

Applications are now closed!

Find out more about the REMEDIES Open Call 1 for associate regions rules and requirements and to get familiar with the application process, by watching the two Info Webinars available on REMEDIES YouTube channel.

Following Q&A Sessions during the webinar, the FAQ find below are updated based on the questions received.

REMEDIES is an Horizon Europe innovation Program creating innovative solutions and technologies to monitor, collect, prevent and valorise (micro)plastic from our oceans. Our approach is rooted in science, circularity, and community engagement aiming to protect water ecosystems, reduce pollution and develop a climate-neutral blue economy.

In the next 4 years, 23 Partners from 12 countries will showcase 12 breakthrough innovations from validation and demonstration, to system prototyping in operational environments. The innovative solutions will be tested in 9 demonstration sites in 8 Mediterranean countries. 33 new sites will follow in order to scale them across the whole Mediterranean.

In line with this mission, REMEDIES is launching two open calls for associate regions to provide financial support and innovation services to stakeholders working towards plastic remediation and protection in the Mediterranean.

We invite projects that aim to accelerate the deployment of plastic litter collection schemes and explore innovative ways to transform plastic waste into valuable products or resources.

REMEDIES offers a grant of up to €100.000 for public bodies from eligible regions. The awarded applicants will receive technical assistance, including advisory services, to implement aquatic ecosystem restoration solutions and contribute to the objectives of the REMEDIES project.

To be considered for the REMEDIES Open Call 1 for associate regions evaluation process, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Alignment: The project/application must align with the objectives of the REMEDIES project and the Open Call 1 for associate regions.
  • Sector: Only public organizations, specifically local and/or regional authorities, are eligible to apply.
  • Location: Applicants must be from Member States and/or Participating Countries in the Mediterranean region, excluding countries where the REMEDIES partners are located, namely: Slovenia, Greece, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Belgium, France, Albania, Serbia, Ireland, Morocco, and Italy.
  • Language: All application documents must be filled and submitted in English.
  • Compliance: The project must comply with EU sanctions and measures.
  • Budget: The proposed activities should adhere to the defined maximum budget.

For complete information on this point and other important information on the Open Call for associate regions please consult the Guide for applicants.

Benefits of being selected and participating in the REMEDIES OC1

  • 1) Financial support up to 100,000 euro per applicant
  • 2) Access to tools and resources
  • 3) Tutorials, mentors and webinars
  • 4) Mentorship, experts and key ecosystem stakeholders
  • 5) Access to use-cases to pilot their solutions
  • 6) Enter a wide European network of 12 countries and 23 partners
  • 7) Visibility and credibility by association to an Horizon Europe project – as a winner of an Open Call for associate regions

Applications opening: September 15, 2023 (12:00 PM CET)

Applications deadline: November 15, 2023 (17:00 PM CET)

The Open Call 1 for associate regions is open for submission from September 15, 2023 (12:00 PM CET). All applications must be submitted through the F6S platform link, as the single-entry point for applications.

Successful applicants selected in the Open Call 1 for associate regions will receive various types of support, including:

Implementation Support:

  • Access to tools, and resources.
  • Tutorials, mentors, and webinars.
  • Networking and connections with key ecosystem stakeholders.
  • Access to use-cases for piloting their solutions.

Financial Support:

The Open Call 1 for associate regions offers a maximum funding of up to €100,000 per applicant. The financial support will be provided in two stages, in the beginning of the project and at the end of the implementation, within the six months duration.

The REMEDIES project’s Open Call 1 for associate regions presents a valuable opportunity for stakeholders in the Mediterranean region to receive financial support and innovation services for projects focused on plastic remediation and protection, with specific focus on Open Call 1 for associate regions in collection and valorisation actions in the Mediterranean. By actively participating in this Open Call for associate regions, applicants can contribute to building a more plastic-conscious society and creating a sustainable future for our oceans. For specific questions please contact REMEDIES Open Call 1 for associate regions management team or just consult the Guide for Applicants for the overall rules of the call.

The grant each associated region can apply for is up to €100.000.

For a better understanding of the goal of this call, we provide a list of type of activities that can receive financial support, divided in to 3 types:

Collection / Monitoring

  • collection sea beaches/stranded riverbank litter
  • plastic litter collection campaign for plastics litter free ocean/sea
  • waste separation (bins at beach or riverbanks) for recycling and/or reusing
  • collection of fishing nets
  • mapping the of the current solutions applied and its stakeholders in the fields of sustainable plastic waste management
  • ecosystem monitoring

Education / Awareness raising / Training

  • create program for green flag for plastic free beach (based on the example of the blue flag for clean water)
  • pop-up events introducing zero plastic alternatives having students/young people or/and general public as the target audience
  • trainings and capacity building workshops actions on zero waste and plastic reuse/valorisation/ collection importance / ethics
  • organization of seminars and workshop on how to reuse plastic and other waste


  • promote projects that reuse waste, as science and art projects for example
  • promote new synergies between stakeholders that already promote programs on pollution prevention and plastic valorization and collection for a wider/more effective and new type of joint intervention
  • creation and implementation of prevention actions, as plastic alternatives and swap in regular usages
  • water quality & water reuse, based on microplastic detection, monitoring and removal
  • ecosystem restoration & Nature base solutions restoration measures

Opening date: Friday, September 15, 2023

Deadline model: Single-stage

Deadline: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

4 steps for OC1 application

The REMEDIES OC1 for associate regions will have the following indicative timeline:

Launch of the open call l for associate regions

OC1 for associate regions first public webinar

OC1 for associate regions second public webinar

Open call 1 for associate regions deadline

Eligibility check and remote evaluation of submitted applications

Evaluation Summary Report (ESR) distributed + KOM of successful applicant/s


In order to process and evaluate applications, REMEDIES will need to collect Personal and Industrial Data through F6S platform. F6S Network Ireland Limited, as the Open Call for Associate Regions Manager of the project, will act as Data Controller for data submitted through the F6S platform for these purposes.

The F6S platform’s system design and operational procedures ensure that data is managed in compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

Each applicant will accept the F6S terms to ensure compliance. Please note that REMEDIES requests the minimum information needed to deliver the evaluation procedures or the support programme, and will retain all information for 5 years after the project (REMEDIES) ends, as referred in section 4.2Responsibility of beneficiaries” in the Guide for Applicants.