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Target Groups

Community – Public Authorities – Entities


Collection – Prevention

Type of Litter

Beach Litter – Riverine

Goals Achieved Towards a Plastic-Free Future

Lighthouse Demo Site for Beach Litter App Development and Monitoring

Venice plays the role of single lighthouse demo site applied to the development and testing of the beach litter survey app, in cooperation with INFORDATA and in compliance with the new international protocols for beach litter monitoring. The Lighthouse has high visibility and a vision for the entire project, and also relies on VLPF’s previous capitalisation of H2020 projects and specific institutional networks for impact maximization. In particular, VLPF is a European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) accredited data repositor, as well as a WWF Plastic Smart Cities partner and supporter in the city of Venice as a signatory party of the same.

Venice will pave the way for other demo sites in the Mediterranean in cooperation with Horizon Europe REMEDIES partners in Koper (Slovenia), Saydia (Morocco), Cyclades (Greece), Porquerolles (France) and Durres (Albania).

Finally, VLPF will take the lead in People-based beach clean-ups with citizens and local stakeholders mobilization in cooperation with our demo sites partners in REMEDIES.