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The first pillar of REMEDIES project is detecting and monitoring marine plastic litter in the European Sea. The four technologies and innovations used in this pillar are: AI-enabled drones, underwater drones, fluorescent dyes and automated microscopic detection and development and use of a marine litter monitoring app and a dashboard.

First of all, we plan to establish 5 survey protocols and also monitor Marine Litter in European Sea protocols with a new technological monitoring toolbox to assess land and sea-based litter pollution in the 8 demo sites, in Koper, Zaragoza, Mykonos, Sardinia, Porquerolles and Morocco, Tirana and Montenegro.

We aim at developing and testing a shoreline marine litter survey app. The app will provide easy access to mass information collected during marine litter monitoring missions in different demo sites. The app will be tested first in Venice, the lighthouse test site, and later in Koper, Albania and Morocco.

Moreover, we will design, manufacture and deploy a specialised drone technology to fit the microplastic monitoring needs of the project. Our goal is to provide underwater drones in Koper, Sardinia, Cyclades and Morocco, and aerial drones in Morocco, Albania and Cyclades, so as to cover more than 70 km2 with underwater drones and more than 100 km2 with aerial drones.

Another technology we will use for monitoring is GPS locators. The aim of this task is to monitor the origin of plastics and detect plastic hotspots. Our goal is to visualise plastic flows, get more than 100 citizens engaged in the process, and track GPS paths of more than 10.000 km.

Finally, we will develop a REMEDIES interoperable data repository and management portal, and also deploy an online plastic pollution and removal map for every demo site integrated in the portal. We will train active citizens, with the help of WWF Plastic Smart Cities initiative representatives for the Mediterranean area, on how to deploy scientific sound methodology and to report through the REMEDIES app and portal. We will further run campaigns in cooperation with locally established NGOs or municipalities in Koper, Sardinia, Cyclades, Albania and Morocco, so as to engage citizens and tourists to collect data.