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Target Groups

Community – Entities


Prevention – Zero Waste

Type of Litter

Plastic bottles and cups

Goals Achieved Towards a Plastic-Free Future

Perfectly scalable zero-waste measures

Partners involved: ANGR, Ministry of Economic Development, Budva Municipality, The Tourist Organisation of the Municipality of Budva.

Sea Dance Festival is one of the most internationally popular brands in Montenegro.

It has brought more than half a million visitors to Montenegro from over 50 countries worldwide and contributed to the economy with > 60 million euros in addition to priceless global promotion.

Buljarica beach is the pearl of untouched nature in the Mediterranean, therefore the accumulation of plastic waste should be prevented, including the one that occurs after the Festival.

As a signatory of the Barcelona Convention and the obligations arising from the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Montenegro took responsibility for the implementation of preventive measures related to waste management and protection of the marine environment.

In this sense, the key step is to develop a database on this issue with an appropriate marine litter monitoring program at the national and local levels to reduce plastic littering.

Results of this project will be valuable in advising municipal public utilities companies on the implementation of their solid waste management plan. Furthermore, through the EXIT Foundation, we will reach 7 festivals in 5 countries: Sea Dance (demo site, 60 k), Sea Star (50 k visitors), EXIT (200 k), No Sleep (25 k), Festival 84 (30 k), Ada Awakening (2 k), Revolution (25 k).

As direct impact of this project, some of these festivals will be able to implement the reusable cup system, the sustainable food packaging, and water refill stations. We calculate with around at least 0.34 kg of plastic waste produced per person, which sums up to >140 tonnes of plastic waste, that we can save every year only at EXIT’s festivals.


Workshops for plastic free cosmetics
Information conferences for more sustainable packaging for all provisional businesses in Budva or Podgorica (Montenegro) and one in Novi Sad (Serbia) for the biggest of all events (EXIT festival)
Ιmplement green event standards for similar festival
Use of the green washer washing lines, with heat exchanger and green walls to recover water for reuse
Raise awareness on site and over the digital and social networks
Replication of water refill stations for replacing water bottles and the public for plastic valorisation
Setting up the system for reusable bioplastic glasses for beer – 60,000 branded glasses
Awareness raising activities for stakeholders in the festival supply chain, and connection with other 30 festival organisers
Support the tender process for all the food trucks on the festivals to reach zero plastics


  • Save 600 kg of plastics per Sea Dance festival
  • 2 workshops per festival for zero waste cosmetics, we aim to reach >300 people
  • Prevent 240.000 pieces of plastic food packaging per Sea Dance festival
  • Save >700 kg plastic waste, by making businesses to change food wrappings to sustainable solutions


Buljarica Beach, Budva Municipality, Montenegro

Basic data

>2 km long Buljarica beach. Attendance: 60.000 per festival edition