Let’s restore our seas and rivers.

Project Title: “REMEDIES – Co-creating strong uptake of REMEDIES for the future of our oceans through deploying plastic litter valorisation and prevention pathways

EU Call: HORIZON Innovation Actions - Prevent and eliminate pollution of our ocean, seas and waters (HORIZON-MISS-2021-OCEAN-03)

Budget: 7.999.644,75 E

Project Leader: National Institute of Chemistry | Slovenia

Partners: 23

The first project selected from the newly created Horizon program EU Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters

Founded by EU
We deploy (micro)plastic litter valorisation and prevention pathways.

23 Partners from 13 countries join forces in order to monitor & detect, collect & valorise, prevent and reuse plastic waste in the Mediterranean sea.

8 demonstration sites + 1 Lighthouse

+33 more locations across the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Koper,


  • Sinis Peninsula,Sardinia,


  • Cyclades,


  • Sea Dance Festival, Budva,


  • Island of Porquerolles,


  • Durres & Tirana,


  • Saidia,


  • Zaragoza.


  • Lighthouse

    Venice, Italy

  • Collect 400 tonnes of plastic litter in the marine and riverine environment.
  • Prevent the deposition of 61 tonnes of plastic.
  • Distribute 500,000€ in funding for the development of zero-waste solutions.

REMEDIES movement is all about

  • / plastic-conscious society
  • / cutting-edge technology
  • / circularity approaches

For a plastic-litter free future, we enable

  • / sustainable blue solutions
  • / future-plastic entrepreneurs
  • / a zero-waste lifestyle

Are you an entrepreneur? A water ally? A researcher? An active citizen? An activist? A policy maker? An investor? A civil servant?


National Institute of Chemistry (NIC) – Slovenia
University of Maribor (UM) – Slovenia
Alchemia-nova Greece (ANGR) – Greece
Clera.One (CLERA) – Slovenia
Wasser 3.0 (W30) – Germany
Mold Srl (RC) – Italy
Bio-Mi (BMI) – Croatia
Cittadini (CIT) – Italy
Next Technology Tecnotessile (NTT) – Italy
Venice Lagoon Plastic Free (VLPF) – Italy
CIBOS Innovation (CIB) – Greece
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) – Italy
Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek (VITO) – Belgium
Small Islands Organisation (SMILO) – France
Environmental & Territorial Management Institute (ETMI) – Albania
Exit Foundation (EXIT) – Serbia
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) – Greece
Marine Conservation Greece (MCG) – Greece
Impact Hub Athens (IHA) – Greece
F6S Network Ireland Ltd (F6S) – Ireland
Mohammed First University (MOH) – Morocco
Infordata (INFOR) – Italy
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