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2nd REMEDIES CLUSTER MEETING: From Home to Rivers, Seas, and Ocean

By May 13, 2024May 14th, 2024News

Plastic pollution is a global crisis that affects our environment, our health, and our future. Addressing this issue requires collaboration, innovation, and action at all levels. The 2nd REMEDIES Cluster Meeting, held on April 25th, 2024, was a significant step forward in this endeavor. Hosted at the Tirana International Hotel in Tirana, Albania. The meeting was moderated by Meivis Struga, founder of the Environmental and Territorial Management Institute in Albania and brought together experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss and map the journey of plastic pollution from our homes to rivers, seas, and oceans.

The Cluster Meeting kicked off with insightful welcome speeches from key figures such as Ms. Julinda Dhame from the Department of Circular Economy, Municipality of Tirana, Albania; Ms. Vesna Kuralt, REMEDIES Project Manager from the National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia; and Mr. Meivis Struga, REMEDIES demo site leader from the Environmental and Territorial Management Institute, Albania. Their words set the tone for the discussions that followed, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in tackling plastic pollution.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation by Mr. Marcin Sadowski from the European Commission, who explored the Mission Ocean at the European level, shedding light on the significance of addressing plastic pollution in our water bodies. This was followed by an eye-opening speech by Mr. Antonios Eleftheriou from Marine Conservation Greece, who discussed the flow of plastic litter and its impact on marine ecosystems.

The meeting also featured presentations on innovative solutions for plastic-free European rivers by Mr. Gert Everaert, Coordinator of the Inspire project from the Flanders Marine Institute, Belgium. These presentations provided valuable insights into ongoing efforts to combat plastic pollution and promote sustainability.

A panel discussion titled “From Home to Rivers, Seas, and Ocean: Mapping the Journey of Plastic Pollution” further enriched the conversation, with experts sharing their experiences and perspectives. The discussion between representatives from various organizations and institutions, including the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Albania; Agricultural University of Tirana,Albania; REMEDIES technology provider, River Cleaning, Italy; German Agency for International Cooperation, Albania; and Plastic Pirates GO EUROPE, Germany; was moderated by Mr. Uroš Novak from the National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise contributed to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in addressing plastic pollution.

The meeting concluded with thought-provoking remarks, highlighting the importance of collective action, innovation, and cooperation in tackling plastic pollution. It served as a reminder of the urgent need to accelerate efforts to create a cleaner and healthier environment for present and future generations.

In order to share these important messages to as many as possible, the meeting was livestreamed on YouTube, providing an opportunity for a wider audience to engage with the discussions and insights shared during the event. Watch it here.

The 2nd REMEDIES Cluster Meeting was not just a gathering of experts; it was a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective action towards a plastic-free future. As we continue our journey to address plastic pollution, let us remain committed to working together towards a cleaner, healthier planet.