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We’re on a Mission!
Let’s Restore our Ocean

REMEDIES is an Horizon Europe innovation Program creating innovative solutions and technologies to monitor, collect, prevent and valorise (micro)plastic from our oceans. Our approach is rooted in science, circularity, and community engagement aiming to protect water ecosystems, reduce pollution and develop a climate-neutral blue economy.

REMEDIES is about creating a movement, one act at a time, from the individual and the organizational, to the collective. Involving all the stakeholders who want to contribute to a plastic-waste free ecosystem.

We come together to form a community and change our habits.

Detection & Monitoring

Collection & Valorisation

Prevention & Zero Waste

Let’s join forces.

100+ beach clean-ups across the Mediterranean, with over 2,000 citizens to collect more than 20 tonnes of plastic litter. Interested in participating?

Are you a visionary public institution ready to lead the charge in tackling plastic pollution?

Apply for the up to 100.000 euro REMEDIES grant!

Technology and innovation solutions help us create massive impact in 8 Mediterranean countries, by monitoring the plastic pathways in the sea, collecting plastic litter, creating business opportunities, and preventing conventional plastics that could potentially become plastic litter.

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Our Recent News


GPS devices tracking garbage in the Aegean sea

A total of 4 GPS devices were released into the sea on the northern side of Oinousses on 19/1/24, by Giannis Tyrikos from Nerd Fishing.…

Installation of micro plastic removal system in the waste water plant of Mykonos

In January 2024, the installation of a microplastic removal system at the wastewater plant of Mykonos was completed in collaboration with the REMEDIES partner, Wasser…

Beach Monitoring and Clean-Up at Merchias Beach, Mykonos

Merchias Beach is located in the northern part of Mykonos and has been chosen because it is a 100-meter beach, a requirement for monitoring activity.…