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Beach Clean up at Edem Beach, Palaio Faliro, Greece

By April 22, 2024May 13th, 2024News

On April 6, 2023, the shores of Edem Beach in Palaio Faliro, Greece, witnessed a remarkable transformation thanks to the dedicated efforts of Physisorg. Spearheaded by Eria Kambugu and a team of 57 passionate volunteers, this beach clean-up initiative aimed to combat the pervasive issue of marine litter threathing our coastal ecosystems.

The clean-up kicked off at 12:10 PM and concluded at 3:20 PM, with participants tirelessly scouring the sands to rid them of debris. A total of 15 kilograms of plastic litter and 25 kilograms of other litter were collected and responsibly disposed of.