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Beach Monitoring and Clean-Up at Merchias Beach, Mykonos

By February 9, 2024News

Merchias Beach is located in the northern part of Mykonos and has been chosen because it is a 100-meter beach, a requirement for monitoring activity. The monitoring took place on January 29 by MCG, REMEDIES partner, occurring once every 3 months, with the next one scheduled for April. The examination includes the quantity of plastics, their origin, and the types of waste. In the last monitoring, 27 kg of plastic were collected, mainly comprising caps, plastics, detached plastics, bottles/cosmetic plastic packaging, tubes, and degrading bags. Due to the beach’s windy nature, the surrounding area is affected and polluted. Additionally, due to the challenging weather conditions, the collected waste is transported home for sorting. The monitoring is occasionally supported by volunteers.