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PLASTIC FANTASTIC Webinars on plastic identification, June 26 – Greece edition

By May 27, 2024June 13th, 2024News

Are you participating in beach clean-ups? Are you passionate about the environment? Do you want to make a tangible difference in the fight against plastic pollution? What is the origin of plastic?  

We invite you to join our “Plastic Fantastic” webinar series, organized by the REMEDIES for Ocean program!

Register here for the PLASTIC FANTASTIC Webinar on plastic identification – Greece edition Wednesday, June 26, 17.00-18.00 CET

This series of eight informative and engaging webinars is designed for environmental enthusiasts , citizens and activists who are eager to learn more about plastic, its impact, and how we can collectively address this pressing issue. The webinars will be organized for volunteers in several European countries. The first PLASTIC FANTASTIC webinar is hosted by Greece facilitated by Impact Hub Athens and in collaboration with University of Maribor, Venice Lagoon Plastic Free, MCGreece, and All for Blue, on June 26 through Zoom and concerns volunteers and ocean enthusiasts. This webinar is also addressed to the participants of the the program Adopt a Beach, in view of the Impact Hub Athens collaboration with WWF Greece for the #20TonnesChallenge Anti-litter campaign.  

Our webinars offer a comprehensive exploration of plastic identification and management. The content is designed by the University of Maribor with the input of scientists and chemists that are dealing with plastics and microplastics.. It will provide valuable insights into different types of plastic, their recyclability, and practical steps you can take to become a more conscious consumer. 

The goal is to empower the participants with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions as advocates for sustainable consumption, in order to drive change in their local communities..

Participants will also learn about the scientific methods used to identify and categorize plastic waste during clean-ups that are developed during REMEDIES under the pillar of MONITORING. This knowledge is crucial for anyone looking to participate in or organize local clean-up efforts, ensuring that these activities are both effective and data-driven.

In addition to the general information, we’ll focus on the specific situation in Greece, and especially Cyclades. The innovative technologies we’re deploying, and the challenges we face in combating plastic pollution locally. 

Each webinar will conclude with an interactive session, allowing participants to ask questions and engage directly with our experts. This is your opportunity to deepen your understanding, clarify any doubts, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your commitment to protecting our oceans.

Join us for the “Plastic Fantastic” webinars and become a part of the solution. Together, we can make a significant impact in reducing plastic pollution and preserving the beauty and health of our oceans for future generations. Your participation is not just welcome—it’s vital. Let’s make a difference, one webinar at a time.


17.00 – 17.05 The REMEDIES for Ocean program, Impact Hub Athens

What is the REMEDIES program, the goal of the webinar and to whom is addressed. 

17.05 – 17.25 Educational presentation on identification of plastic, University of Maribor

Educational presentation on the types of plastic, what can be recycled, and how we can become conscious consumers. 

17.25 – 17.35 Q&A

17.35 – 17.45 Beach clean-ups monitoring,  Venice Lagoon Plastic Free

The REMEDIES scientific approach on plastic identification during clean ups. 

17.45 – 17.55 Greece: the Cyclades demonstration site, All for Blue & MCGreece

Presentation of the Demo site, the technologies and innovations applied, the challenges faced, and how interested parties can get involved and join the movement. 

17.55-18.00 Outro & Q&A