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REMEDIES partners at the BlueMissionMed National HUBs events

By May 18, 2024May 20th, 2024News

The REMEDIES partners Wasser 3.0 (Katrin Schuhen), VLPF, INFORDATA, and MOLD are participating in the BlueMissionMed events! Between May and June, BlueMissionMed is organizing a dynamic series of events in collaboration with the French, Greek, Italian, Maltese, Spanish, Tunisian, and Turkish BlueMissionMed National and Regional HUBs. REMEDIES partners will participate, in particular, in the following events:

17.5 Maltese BlueMissionMed HUB in action

21.5 Tunisian BlueMissionMed HUB in action 

30.5 Italian BlueMissionMed HUB in action

🌊 Driving Change Across the Mediterranean

These events are set to showcase and demonstrate selected transformative and innovative solutions that align with the EU Zero Pollution Hierarchy. The goal is to prevent and reduce pollution across the Mediterranean Sea and its waters.

🎯Main Objectives of the Events:

  1. Showcase Transformative Solutions: Highlighting innovative solutions that adhere to the EU Zero Pollution Hierarchy, the events aim to demonstrate how these solutions can effectively tackle pollution in the Mediterranean.
  2. Gather Stakeholder Feedback: Committed to engaging with stakeholders, collecting their feedback and inputs on these innovative solutions. This collaborative approach ensures that the solutions are well-rounded and practical.
  3. Facilitate Adoption and Implementation: The ultimate aim is to facilitate the adoption and implementation of these solutions, driving progress toward achieving the EU Mission objectives for a cleaner, healthier Mediterranean.

🤔Interested in participating?

Discover more about the events and register here!