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1st Policy Workshop in Athens – Research & Social Entrepreneurship

By January 19, 2024January 23rd, 2024News
Policy Workshop in Athens Research Social Entrepreneurship

The first Policy Recommendations Focus Group of REMEDIES, co-organized by Impact Hub Athens, took place on Thursday, November 23rd, in Athens, aiming to coordinate a discussion forum among entities that play a significant role in the management and coordination of funding at both planning and implementation levels.

The discussion was centered around the main question: “How can research support social entrepreneurship at the local level?”

The event began with presentations from four Horizon Mission projects by David Whyte of Prep4Blue, Sergio Rossi of Ocean Citizen, Haris Nazo of Cardimed, and Dimitris Kokkinakis of REMEDIES. They presented good practices and ideas for the development and empowerment of communities.

The participants were divided into three groups, each tasked with discussing the adoption of European programs by local communities in a sustainable and long-term manner, how the commercialization of research results can be used as a tool to promote social entrepreneurship, and how citizen science and public awareness can promote the sustainability of social entrepreneurship at the local level.

The discussion benefited from the valuable contributions of representatives from the following organizations and projects: Cardimed, MC Greece, CIBOS, Athena Research Center, Piraeus Port Authority, Enterprise Greece, National Technical University of Athens, Dataphoria, Symbeeosis, P2P Lab, Chelidoni Foundation, SYMBOLO, Urban Dig, and the Association of Producers & Traders of Fertilizers (SPEL).

The conclusions of the event will be published as policy recommendations on the Impact Hub Athens website and will be sent to relevant decision-making bodies both in Greece and the European Union.